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Aallllllllllliiii K [userpic]

friends only

August 13th, 2025 (05:01 pm)

Where I am: the usual...
How I'm feelin': lonely
What I'm jammin' to: Saviour-Black Veil Brides


Okay, so this is something that I have been meaning to do for awhile now...but this journal is friends only! I've pretty much been doing this already; locking anything that seems kinda personal to me. So that would be most of the memes and the occasional rants. Otherwise, the MCR and Degrassi things are probably gonna stay unlocked, as usual.

Umm soo if you want to learn more about me before friending (there's nothing good in my bio *lazy as charged*) here ya go! 1) My Chemical Romance is my favorite band. That's a biggie right there. I...look up to the band members because of how amazing they are personality-wise, and they create beautiful music...so I have no other choice but to love them! Music is something that I really really like (I listen to it all the time) soo if you ever want to see if I heard of a certain band, or if I like them, shoot me a comment or message. I'm happy to look stuff up(:

2) Degrassi! I am...fangirl obsessive over Eli Goldsworthy (if you haven't found that out by  any previous post). I think he's a twisted insane character, and his plot is just WOW. Not to mention he's hot...but, I just love him, okay(; So if you want to talk about ships or characters or plots...I'm into that stuff! And Eli<3

3) I like fanfiction too. Mainly the Frerards and Eclare stuff, but I'll read anything I have time too. I have a soft spot for hurt-comfort stuff...but who doesn't?(: 4) Whiney-alert! I whine a lot...seriously. It's like a constant vent vent vent for me. My life's weird...So if you don't want to put up with that, then don't friend me! 5) Memes. I love them, and I will steal from you(; 6) I don't know if I'm forgeting something...if I am, ohh well. Not the end of the world. Umm, I don't know where the sticky option went on my lj...so I'm just gonna set the date for this waay in the future and see if it stays up at the top of my journal. And lastly, I didn't make the pic. I edited it by putting 'friends only' up top, but I stole the pic from someone on tumblr...as usual. Sorryy! I took this awhile ago soo I forget who I stole from, but I give you credit<3  

Alsoo, you don't need to comment to be added... If you friend me, I look at your journal reguardless. Plus, commenting just seems like you're begging to be my friend. I'm open to everybody<3


Posted by: Kathrine (zosky)
Posted at: August 21st, 2011 05:35 pm (UTC)

Added you! We share a love of My Chem and Degrassi. We'll be LJ BFFs. ;)

Posted by: Aallllllllllliiii K (waytobekid)
Posted at: August 21st, 2011 11:38 pm (UTC)

Yess :D

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